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Modern Candles for the Modern Age: Meet NN Inspirational Candles

by Natalia Nicholson October 06, 2021 2 min read

Opening A Christmas Gift Whie Christmas Candles Shining

Modern Candles for the Modern Age

Candles have long been used throughout the ages as a source of illumination. Candles bring us back to the joys of life. They remind us that small and simple pleasures can be profound.

Candles offer up an invitation of indulgence. Of light. Of warmth. Of remembrance. Of celebration. 

NN Inspirational Gifts premium scented soy wax candles come complete with a heart-warming inspirational quote that can perk you up even on life’s gloomiest days. These candles not only make great gifts for any of life’s celebrations, but they also offer up a line of candles with a divine and luxurious scent that cannot be found anywhere else. NN Inspirational soy wax candles are vegan friendly and offer eco-friendly benefits, like burning cleaner than any other candle you may have in your home. 

Hyping Up Your “Hygge”

Have you come across the term “hygge” yet? “Hygge” is the Scandinavian equivalent for a mood of coziness and comfort that creates those irresistible feelings of wellness and contentment. Simply, “hygge” is the Danish equivalent for “getting cozy,” and NN Inspirational Gifts luxurious candles can amp up your own “hygge” quotient, whether that is in your home or in gifting a premium candle to someone special. 

Premium scented soy wax candles at NN Inspirational Gifts come in an elegant gift box and complete with an inspiring reminder for everyday perseverance. Catching a glimpse of a phrase like “I Believe in Myself & My Ability To Do Anything That I Choose to Do!” or “A Great Attitude Becomes A Great Month Which Becomes A Great Year Which Becomes A Great Life” while you are at the office can bring light back into your life.

Uniquely scented, NN Inspirational Gift candle options include premium scents like Cashmere and Lilac, Grapefruit and Basil, classic Cotton, or Pomegranate. When unlit, NN Inspirational Gift candles also work as decorative pieces. Choose from rose gold or silver candles options, both of which come in luxurious packaging and glass bells. 

Meet the Aromatic Combinations

Choosing from our fantastic collection of aromatic combinations allows you to create whatever kind of atmosphere you are looking for. Stay focused in the office with an energizing scent like the uplifting tang of Grapefruit and the peppery spice of Basil or settle in at home with a warmer, cozier scent like Cashmere and Lilac.  

While relaxing your mind and indulging your senses, NN Inspirational Gift candles will lift your spirits and help you find the light in your life. These candles are safe for the natural environment and a wise choice for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Natural soy wax burns cleaner, produces little to no soot, lasts longer, and is biodegradable. Each premium candle has between 35 and 65 hours of burn time, depending on size. 

NN Inspirational Gift’s premium scented candles create an atmosphere unlike any other. No matter the occasion, relax into that special feeling when you are certain you are making the most of life’s joyous moments.

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