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Top 10 Best Fall Candle Scents

by Natalia Nicholson October 11, 2021 2 min read

Scented Autumn Candle

For some, the “fall season” experience wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t celebrate it. Gift giving is one of the best ways to celebrate autumn, and NN Inspirational Gifts can provide you with some of thebest fall scents you can buy as a gift!

10 Candle Scents that Perfectly Captures the Fall Season

To properly buy a scented candle as a gift, one must get the right scents to match the festivity or the receiver’s preference. Check out 10 candle scents that perfectly capture the fall season below!

  1. Warm and Cosy Scents – Scents like cinnamon can help create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Our brand new scented candle calledCosy Home is infused with cinnamon oil and it can perfectly invoke that sensation. It also helps mitigate headaches, reduce tension from stress, and increases one’s physical alertness.

  1. Driftwood and Amber Scents – Driftwood and amber are some of the perfect earthy aromas that you can get yourself lost in to help solidify the autumn atmosphere.

  1. Apples and Other Specific Fruit Scents – Fruit scents can also help heighten the fall season atmosphere. Apples, mandarins, figs, and oranges are some of the bestfall candle scents that anyone can get.

  1. Fireside or Firewood Scents – When it comes to aromas, nothing can quite compare to the smoky texture and warm feeling that being near a fireplace can evoke during the fall season.

  1. Refreshing Scents – Using scents from vanilla, chai spices, and caramel can help you create a refreshing and lively vibe that’s fitting for the fall season.

  1. Nostalgic Scents – One of the most nostalgic scents is hazelnut, and lighting up a scented candle imbued with this aroma will make anyone relive their childhood memories of their wonderful time in the countryside.

  1. Apple Cider Scents – Apple cider is one of the most famous beverages to have during the fall season, and it can also be a great scent to fill your homes with.

  1. Sweet and Sugary Scents – Invoking a sweet and sugary atmosphere in your homes is doable by lighting up a scented candle infused with brown sugar, coconut, or caramel.

  1. Pumpkin Scents – Pumpkins have a clingy, vegetal aroma that will linger into your homes and put everyone in the mood for some Jack O’ Lanterns.

  1. Waffle Scents – Plenty of individuals also enjoy eating waffles during this time. Waffle-scented candles can truly improve the fall season vibe you’re going for.

Is Burning Scented Candles Bad for You?

The answer depends on the type of candles that you are using. NN Inspirational Gifts have scented candles made from soy wax, which is an all-natural ingredient that creates a clean and pleasant scent when burned. If you want to have a safe and memorable fall season, thenourCosy Home scented candles are thebest fall candles for the job.

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