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Easy Anti-Cancer Smoothie Recipe

by Natalia Nicholson October 11, 2021 3 min read

Easy Anti Cancer Smoothie Recipe

Top 6 Anti-Cancer Smoothie Recipe

Eating and drinking are definitely one of the most important functions that our bodies perform. However, we shouldn’t just eat and drink any kind of food or beverage. According to WebMD, poor diet was linked to 52,200 colorectal cancer cases back in 2015.

It’s important that we remain mindful of what we give our bodies as well, if we truly want to take good care of ourselves. Smoothies are phenomenally healthy alternatives and they are even anti-cancer smoothies as well. With that said, here are simple and easy anti-cancer smoothies anyone can make in the comfort of their homes!

Why are Smoothies Considered a Good Drink to Help Fight Against Cancer?

The number one reason lies in its taste and how easy it is to consume. A fruit or vegetable with the highest number of antioxidants can easily be neglected if it doesn’t taste good, and if it’s hard to chew or swallow. Smoothies, on the other hand, can enhance the flavour by mixing in other ingredients in the blender and you won’t have to chew it.

Cancer patients and the elderly can benefit from this greatly, given that they usually have lower appetite than other people. This makes smoothies the perfect drink for anyone, since they are a convenient and fast method giving your body a variety of healthy foods that have been mixed together. Smoothies make food items like turmeric, coriander, or basil easier to consume by improving their taste and making them easier to swallow.

Anti-Cancer Smoothie Recipes You Can Make

You didn’t think we’d simply end it with just some explanations, did you? Here are a couple of anti-cancer smoothie recipes that you can easily make in your homes:

1. A Tasty and Healthy Smoothie Made from Goji Berry

This particular smoothie is made from goji berry and blueberry, sprinkled with linseeds and chia seeds. What you end up making with these ingredients is a highly nutritious and antioxidant-rich smoothie that anyone can enjoy!

Here are the ingredients:

chia seeds: 2 tablespoons
linseeds: 1/2 tablespoon; grounded
1 cup of blueberry (frozen or fresh
1/4 cup of frozen or fresh goji berries
1 cup of coconut water

2. The Power of Ginger Against Cancer

Ginger is a known anti-cancer vegetable, with its ability to prohibit the propagation of numerous cancer cells by inducing apoptosis—a kind of programmed cell death that takes place in multicellular organisms.

Here are the ingredients:

2 apples (juiced)
2 red grape fruits (juiced)
2 carrots (juiced)
a piece of ginger (approximately 5cm) and juice it

3. A Refreshing Way to Battle Cancer with Pineapple and Ginger

Pineapples are filled to the brim with compounds that help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, while gingers have the ability to prohibit the propagation of numerous cancer cells by inducing apoptosis.

Here are the ingredients:

a piece of ginger (approximately 5cm) and juice it
3 green apples (juiced
1 pineapple (juiced)

4. The Golden Duo: Clementine and Turmeric Smoothie

Clementine is an amazing source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which helps boost one’s immune system and rid the body of free radicals. Turmeric’s active ingredient named curcumin can help fight off cancer cells too.

Here are the ingredients:

a cup of ice
modest pinch of black pepper
1/2 cup of oat milk
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric (grounded)
8 clementine

5. A Refreshing Green Smoothie with Spinach and Kale

The carotenoids found in spinach kale are capable of removing free radicals (unstable molecules that can lead to cancer) before they can cause any kind of damage.

Here are the ingredients:

1/2 medium-sized cucumber
2 cups/handfuls of spinach
2 cups/handfuls of kale
300ml apple juice

6. The Combo You Weren’t Expecting: Mango and Raspberry Smoothie

Mangoes have numerous bioactive phytochemicals that serve as antioxidants and raspberries only serve to double the effects, with their own sets of antioxidants.

Here are the ingredients:

2 cups of coconut water (unsweetened)
1 cup of raspberries (frozen)
1 cup of mangoes (frozen)

7. A Sweet and Zingy Anti-Cancer Smoothie

Turmeric have curcumin that can help fight off cancer cells, while sweet potatoes have antioxidants that help keep cancer cells at bay.

Here are the ingredients:

4 apples (juiced)
4 celery stalks (juiced
4 carrots (juiced)
3 small sweet potatoes
a 10 - 12 cm piece of fresh turmer

We hope that these recipes will be of great help to you, and may they also refresh your parched throats, while fighting off cancer!


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