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What You Smell Affects Your Success, Mindset and Mood

by Natalia Nicholson October 06, 2021 5 min read

Scented Candle Smell Affects Your Success, Mindset and Mood

Smell Affects Your Success, Mindset and Mood

The smells you surround yourself with are important. Not only does smell affect the way you think and feel, but it can even impact how much success you do (or don’t) have.

Your sense of smell is one of the strongest and most mysterious of all six of the human senses. As human beings we have the capability of distinguishing thousands of smells. This ability has, since the beginning of time, helped us survive, escaping dangerous situations before it’s too late. What you smell is relayed subconsciously to your brain, alerting it to potential danger and, as you’ll find out, impacting other areas of your life as well.

While most people don’t think about the smells they are surrounding themselves with on a daily basis, the reality is that what we smell can, within milliseconds, instantly arouse different psychological states, ranging the full spectrum from negative to positive. 

Take a moment to think about this.

There are definitely certain smells we are all drawn to (fresh rain, blossoming flowers) and those that are instantly off-putting (rotten food, chemicals). There’s a reason for this! In general, things that smell good signify a safe environment. The things that don’t are telling us subconsciously to get away.

When you understand this innate interest in smell you can begin to realize how you can harness the power of smell to your advantage. 

Want to think more positively, feel better and experience more success? 

Change what you are smelling!

The Positive Effects of a Cosy Home 

What makes a home instantly feel cosy? What you smell plays a huge role. Among some of the most effective scents, cinnamon ranks at the top for making a home feel warm and inviting. And, it makes you feel better, too.

Infused with cinnamon oil, Cosy Home candles don’t just look and smell great, they actually offer several medicinal benefits. Using cinnamon in aromatherapy can help you 

  • relieve stress
  • increase physical alertness
  • relax your entire body and reduce tension
  • improve your mental focus
  • enhance your memory and cognitive function
  • reverse memory loss
  • manage headaches, migraines and associated blurred vision

In addition to cinnamon, Cosy Home candles use grounding spices, like nutmeg and cloves, to help you, your family, and guests instantly relax the moment they step through your door. The bold, warming smell is ideal for unwinding after a long day of work.

To get the best effects from Cosy Home aromatherapy, allow yourself time to relax comfortably with your eyes closed. After lighting your candle, focus on taking deep, even breaths, feeling your body and mind relax as your stress melts away.

The best part about the oils uses in the Cosy Home candle is that they are pure enough to have a stress-relieving effect even when it is not lit. Try placing your unlit candle in your car to help you simultaneously focus and relax while commuting to and from work, school, or errands throughout your day.

The Smell of Grapefruit and Basil for Energy and Motivation

The bright, citrus smell of grapefruit is a summer-escape for your senses, which is perhaps why it is so effective for energizing and uplifting your body and soul. Ideal to be used while you’re working or at your office, the fragrance of grapefruit creates clarity of thought. 

And, the motivation you need to keep going? Smelling grapefruit can take care of that, too. Limonine, one of the main chemical components in grapefruit, is known for its ability to uplift your mood, giving you the push you need when you start to feel run-down or fatigued.

Starting your day with the smell of grapefruit from a high-quality candle is a smart way to help you maintain a positive outlook throughout your day, no matter what your day has in store!

The best part is that by adding basil, you are also improving your ability to concentrate throughout the day. This is why lighting a Grapefruit Basil candle while you work or study can dramatically improve how efficient you are.

We all know how it feels to have been working for hours only to feel like you are no longer able to do the task at hand. Enjoy more success in your life by enjoying the powerfully effective fragrance of grapefruit combined with basil!

Creating Instant Mood with Cashmere and Lilac 

While we all know how wewantto feel at home, there are a lot of things that prevent us from truly relaxing and enjoying ourselves. But, by triggering your brain into an instantly relaxed state with the power of smell, you can reclaim your home, and your mood!

Of all of the scents that are most effective for not just relaxing you, but that actually make you feel good, cashmere and lilac are at the very top of the list. Sensual, romantic, and flirtatiously feminine, cashmere and local candles feel indulgent the moment they are lit. 

Unlike some scents that just relax your mind and body, the combination of cashmere and lilac actually allow you toenjoy that relaxation. This may feel like a subtle difference, but it’s big for your brain.

After a tough day at work, stressful interactions, or simply the fatigue of being on your feet all day, relaxing in a bath or your favorite sofa with a cashmere and lilac candle will bring an immediate calm to your body and mind.

Not too fruity or overtly fragrant, the subtle hint at sensual makes the cashmere and lilac duo the perfect choice for romantic evenings, special occasions and weekend getaways.

White Tea and Ginger Help You Master Your Mindset

The blend of white tea and ginger fragrances can help you enhance your ability to control your mind and its thoughts. Using a candle with both of these aromas is an ideal choice, then, for 

  • meditation
  • yoga
  • massage 
  • therapy sessions

A strong, bold smell that is still received as soothing and gentle, you can increase your ability to maintain a calm, even temper throughout the day by simply immersing your senses with the aroma of a white tea and ginger candle.

Feel More Positive with Pomegranate

Pomegranate scented candles are one of the best fragrances you can use to immediately uplift your mind and mood. Studies have actually shown that the smell of pomegranate boosts the amount of serotonin that your brain produces. (It produces a very similar effect to dark chocolate, except without all of the calories!) Serotonin, as you probably know, is an important neurotransmitter that plays a major role in how you feel.

On those days that you just feel down in the dumps, try using a pomegranate candle to help you feel more positive, focusing on the good things in your life instead of the bad. 

Elevate Your Entire Home’s Mood with Cotton 

Not instantly obvious, the smell of cotton is actually one of the most subtle yet effective ways to improve the entire mood of your home. Intoxicatingly fresh, especially when infused with citrus and fruity notes of lime and green apple, the smell of cotton is also the best way to improve the aroma of your home without masking odors with strong (sometimes headache-inducing) fragrances.

Why NN Inspirational Candles?

Quality, hand-poured natural soy wax candles use real essential oils so that you get the powerful benefits of aromatherapy. And, because of the warm glow produced by the flickering flame, simply looking at a candle can help you relax and unwind. 

So, whether you are looking to have more success in your life, are wanting a more positive mindset, or if you’re finding a simple way to improve your mood, nothing can beat the benefits of adding candles to your home. Check outwww.nninspirationalgifts.com

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