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Give Them A Candle They Will Never Forget:
A Candle That Will Inspire You Every Day

You’re about to discover the secret to staying inspired that has been hidden from you for years.

Hi, my name is Natalia Nicholson and I believe in a world where everyone can do it all!

That’s why my mission is to spread positive messages of hope through candles.

The candles I made contain uplifting words that will inspire
anyone who receives it and perfect for:

❤ your best friend who is feeling down and needs to feel positive and motivated
❤ your business partner who needs to be reminded that she can do anything
she sets her mind to.
❤ your work friend, client, or employee who desires to feel supported by others
who have been in her position before.
❤ and your busy self who would need a little pick-me-up on days when you feel
down and unmotivated

Imagine how your life would change if you could find one little
thing each day that made you smile?

Well, now imagine what would happen if someone gave you a candle
withan inspirational message on it when you need a little uplifting?

It can be anything from “I Believe in Myself & My Ability To Do Anything
That I Choose To Do!” or “You Are Kind, Loved & Important,"
or "You Are One of My Secret Heroes."

These small acts of kindness have the power to make people feel loved and cared for, which is something we all need more of in our lives.

And when they receive their candle, they will know
exactly who sent them this gift - YOU!

Because you have the option to send a personalised message
written on a fabulous greeting card inside each box so your recipient
knows exactly who sent them this beautiful gift.

This means there's no better way for friends and family members across
the country to show their love than by sending these amazing gifts on
special occassions, or as often as you want to provide hope and
encouragement to those you love and care about.

So go ahead. Make someone smile today.
And spread the love and light wherever you go!

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